Stephanie Fowers

'Twisted Tales'

YA Fantasy Trilogy


"Big Bad Wolves? Girls getting stuck in towers? Gold spinning Faeries stealing firstborns? What if I told you Faerytales were real, they just haven't happened yet?"

"With a Kiss"
"At Midnight"
    "As the Sun Sets"

"You're next in the books..."

• Fae: Plural form and proper noun of faery. See *Faery.
• Faery: Descendant of Neit the war god (share common ancestor with the Fomorians). Some species of Fae closely resemble mortals in body type, while other species more closely resemble mortal animals. They inhabit the Sidhe, though some coexist in the Otherworld with mortals. Vary in shapes, sizes, magic, and intelligence levels.
• Faery hunter: A mortal (usually The Cursed or a Skinwalker), who fights against faery oppression and/ or to win the power of the Fae by using the Fae’s own magic against them.
• Finvarra: King of the Sidhe, consort to Queen Onagh. Holder of the royal blood necessary to seal the queen to her duties so that she may rule with the four treasures. Wears a black cloak holding many great and secret powers. Affiliated with the Seelie Court.
• Fodden: Unseelie creatures who live underground, known to abduct humans in the Otherworld. Their fingers claw through the dirt before they pull mortals under with them. Not intelligent.
• Fomorian: Original invaders and settlers of the Sidhe. They rule the Fae from a distance, moving with the ease of snakes. Organs visible from the outside of their bodies, possessing one leg, one eye, one arm—all connected into one monstrous form. Controls lesser life forms with the use of its glowing blue eye. Greets subjects with this tribute; “You will have our hospitality in return for yours.” To which the subordinate responds; “Oh great Elatha, with justice we rule, with justice we die. Seven rules of the Faery kingdom we hold most high.”
• Fylgia: A creature from the Unseelie court. Its membrane copies a mortal’s essence and transforms from his/ her shadow to become a mirror image in order to fill in for the victim (as soon as said victim disappears). When in shadow form, Fylgias also serve as personal guardians. See also *Doppelganger.
• Giants: Oversized faeries, muscular chests the width of a beam, taller than eight feet. Documented cases of taller breeds at the height of 51 feet. Also known as ettins, yetuns, yotuns.
• Gnome: Rodent-sized faery, wears miniature suit, naturally curious, tears things up around the house, though quite on accident. Usually ambivalent. See also *Wichtln.
• Goblin: General term for a faerie in the Unseelie Court, usually of a malevolent, mischievous, or destructive nature. Also known as *Bogie.
• Golem: A type of dark, unintelligent Fae life force that looks for empty bodies to inhabit. Zombie-like in behavior. Its power builds and feeds on faery magic and weakens the faery who uses this magic by stealing it. Golems act as a powerful faery trap in an ambush. A favorite of witches, wizards, and scientists. See *Tatty Bogle.
• Grim: Unseelie creatures, human in shape with barrel chests and black fur. Horned, tall as trees, and fanged. They bend over double before they lunge in for the attack, populate forests.
• Hag: A female faery with great power. Extremely ugly (covered in warts and hair) or extremely beautiful (rosy youthful skin and silken hair). Mortals sometimes use the word hag as a derogatory term for an actual witch or for someone who acts in unpleasant ways. See also *Night Hag.
• Hedley Kow: An Unseelie Bogie known for its horselaugh.
• Hobgoblin: Mischievous faery from the Unseelie Court. Harasses, tricks. Also known as Pan, imp, pagan, trickster, Robgoblin, Robin, Pixie, and Puck.
• Hollows: Lost spirits of the Fae, who are unable to return to their final resting place in the stars for various reasons. When haunting, these souls occupy locations of great significance where they cry out against the wrongs that killed them. They are a mere shadow of the Fae’s former power at death.
• Hound of Ulster: Unseelie creature that shapeshifts at the peak of its anger, otherwise known as a *riastrad (see Faery glossary). Its eyes change colors according to the many essences held inside its body. Its form is feline and canine with black and gold runes glowing over its skin. It dispatches its enemies en masse. Also known as *Beast. See also *Buggar.
• Human: Similar in body type, shape, and size of Fae royalty, occupies the Otherworld. See *Otherworld in Faery glossary. Though unaware of it, humans coexist with faeries on a regular basis, and are ignorant of magic. Though akin to some immortals in appearance, faeries can easily identify humans. Also known as mortal. See also: *Otherworldly.
• Ialtóg:
Batlike demons with wings, noses like smashed olives. Often confused for bats until they suck the victim of its blood.
• Illes: Unseelie creature that wind through the branches of trees with snakelike bodies. It suffocates and inflicts disease on its victims with a grinning, clown face.
• Keeper: One of the four princesses in the Sidhe with the right to handle the four treasures. *Niamh, *Ratis, *Cailleach, and *Onagh were the original keepers. See *Four Treasures in Faery glossary.
• Kobolds: Shadows that hide in the stumps of trees, brown rodent-like bodies that swarm past feet and devour almost anything. Often victims of food poisoning.
• Lady of the Mirror: A faery with pale dead skin and long red hair. Her touch burns. She pulls girls through mirrors, pleading for the true sovereign to come to the Sidhe to overthrow Fae oppressors. Her chant: “Reveal what is lost. Redeem what is lost, restore what is lost.”
• Leprechaun: A race cursed with great powers. Immune to almost all magic and charms against Faeries; they are invaluable to both Seelie and Unseelie Courts as servants. The coins of their race act as a punishment due to their ancestor’s betrayal against the Fae; the gold curbs the Leprechauns’ great powers and enslaves them to the courts until they can work off their indentures.
• Lull: Faery who dances both Fae and mortal babies to sleep. Her brown faery skirts brush against their cheeks and entices them to close their eyes. See *Silkies.

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