Stephanie Fowers
RELEASED March 2013

'Twisted Tales'

New YA Fantasy Trilogy
   by Stephanie Fowers

"Big Bad Wolves? Girls getting stuck in towers? Gold spinning Faeries stealing firstborns? What if I told you Faerytales were real, they just haven't happened yet?"

"You're next in the books..."

     “Long before the Vikings carried off women from foreign shores, the Faeries have stolen our kind and blamed it on invaders—toying with our people, and using us as their pawns to fight their crown wars. They are no different in the modern world. Faeries are vain, selfish, thoughtless, and devoid of all human feeling. They prey on superstition, fear, and ignorance. They have used us as their playthings for far too long. Yes, Faeries are stronger, more powerful, but we’re smarter and trickier. We have a way to fight back.
I am one of the cursed.Faeries thought it was an honor to make me the guardian of their precious treasures; I thought differently. After the Enchantment killed most of my family during our final transformations, I survived the curse. Now, I take my revenge when and how I can.
There are more like me. We fight under the organization of C.O.T.T.A.G.E Inc., under the leadership of scientists and revolutionaries—they were the ones who found me after I ran. We gather the Faerytales and legends collected through the passages of time and through these, we find clues to take these Faeries down. Scientists against Faeries. We will win.
This guide will be the meansof exterminating Faeries from your homes, gardens, farmlands, forests, crowded metropolitan cities and finally from our world before they infest it all with their spells and curses. From the small pest to the truly dangerous, enclosed are tips on how to carry out quick escapes, set traps and otherwise outmaneuver and find ways to fight your way free. Faeries have declared war on us, and we will answer the call until we chase them back to the Sidhe where they belong.”

                                                                    —The Hunter

'Faery Hunter Guide'

(Taken from "At Midnight" by Stephanie Fowers. GET FIRST BOOK HERE)


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'Faery Hunter Guide'

Sections: 1-Earth, 2-Water, 3-Air, 4-Fire