Stephanie Fowers
'Twisted Tales'

YA Fantasy Trilogy


"Big Bad Wolves? Girls getting stuck in towers? Gold spinning Faeries stealing firstborns? What if I told you Faerytales were real, they just haven't happened yet?"

"With a Kiss"
"At Midnight"
    "As the Sun Sets"

"You're next in the books..."

• Mermaid: Part Fae woman/ part fish, who inhabit the canals in the city of Murias. They help to guard the Cup of Dagda. Also known as sirens because they warn travelers of danger with a scream that impersonates an alarm. Beautiful and sweet-spirited. Infinitely different from *Merrow.
• Merrow: Part woman/ part fish. Scaly green skin, green eyes and long seaweed hair, incurable gossips. They steal their victim’s thoughts and twist it into lies in order to cause a fight.
• Minotaur: Body of a Fae male, head of a bull. Thickheaded bullies.
• Muma: Helps lost Fae and mortal children return to their parents. Tall, her head runs into most ceilings in the Otherworld.
• Nan Ceanach: Love talker. He is drop-dead gorgeous with dark hair and eyes. Pipe dangles from his full lips. Sand in his hair. Happens to be missing his shadow.
Nan Ceanach’s Shadow: As ugly as Nan is beautiful. Outwardly terrifying…if anyone can catch sight of it—few have, even fewer survived it.
• Nanny Buttoncap: Faery who tucks Fae and mortal children into their beds. Wears a mobcap.
• Night Hag: Puts the ugly in hag. Steals fair maidens and drains them of their power and beauty; stores for later use (hoarders). See also *Hag.
• Niamh: Keeper of the cup, sovereign of the city of Murias. Lover of mortals. Kissed a mortal to give him the power to return her stolen treasure to her. Inadvertently started the war between the mortals and Fae.
• Norn: Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld. The three ladies of fate, who transform from old to young from young to old as they work with the *Snáth den saol (see Faery Glossary). Pronounces destinies upon the heads of sovereigns in triplet rhymes. Their spindle was stolen by the Otherworldly.
• Nymphs: Long-legged Fae beauties who love to party, dance, and sing. Vain and jealous, the girls hold great power and use it against anyone who steals their man away from them. Nymphs of note: Glistenda, Bubbles, Peach Blossom.
• Oaf: A faery switched at birth with a mortal. Also used as a derogatory term for someone who is clumsy.
• Ogre: Big, nasty, sweaty, stinky, oversized Fae with green mottled skin. Really really dumb. Oftentimes their chant: “Eat children! Eat children!” turns to “Children eat! Children eat!”
• Ole Luk OJ: Crotchety old faery with a walking stick. Gathers dust in his wrinkly palms and blows dust into the eyes and necks of Fae and mortal children alike to help them drift into a deep sleep. See *Silkies.
• Orculli: Giants from the Unseelie Courts. Cannibalistic, but generally goodhearted.
• Onagh: The queen of the Sidhe, affiliated with the Seelie Courts. Keeper of the lost four treasures until the rightful sovereign can be crowned.
• Otherworldly: Any mortal who inhabits the *Otherworld, or what humans know as earth (see Faery Glossary). See also *human. Though recently, this is a term used to refer to one specific mortal who stole the four faery treasures. This mortal plots to steal the firstborn who holds the royal right to use these treasures. Also known as Rumpelstiltskin.
• Paras: Unseelie creatures who steal from their hosts’ neighbors, and torment the lazy and greedy.
• Penate: Fae who must clean everything by dawn or disappear from whence they came.
• Puck: See *Hobgoblin.
• Puddlefoot: Unseelie bogie that leaves puddles everywhere it goes. Name this creature and it goes away.
• Ratis: Keeper of the wand, sovereign of the city Gorias. Golden haired one. Betrayed the people, sentenced by the *Twelve and kept in a tall tower in Falias for her crimes, her wings clipped.
• Ronguer d’os: An evil spirit that takes the form of a dog, gnawer of bones. Picks on lone travelers.
• Sasquatch. See *Skinwalker
• Satyr: Part Fae man, part goat. Loves to party with Nymphs.
• Scientist: Male and/ or female mortal who steals faery magic through means of catching a faery and torturing the secrets of the Fae from them in order to pass it off as modern discovery. See *Wizard and *Witch.
• Seelie: A Fae belonging to one of the two royal courts in the *Sidhe (see Faery Glossary). The uninformed generally describe the Seelie Court as the ‘good’ court.
• Seelie guards: Hybrid guards created by Onagh and Finvarra. A vulgar monster made up of the parts of every mortal, Fae, and animal imaginable.
• Shades: Pale beautiful Fae women with flowing dresses and shimmering eyes. Their touch burns and causes scars. They are drawn to Fae and mortal girls with a curiosity that could kill their victims.
• Shapeshifter: See *Buggar.
• Shellycoats: Fae from the Unseelie Court who inhabit forests and lonely roads. They have the appearance of porcupines. Instead of needles, they are covered with shells. Known to mislead poor travelers and lose them in the forest.
• Silkies: Any Fae known to entice both Fae and mortal children to sleep. Ranging from the size of tiny flaming dots, rodent sizes, and mortal adults. See *Dormette, *Ole Luk OJ, *Nanny Buttoncap, *Bean Tigh, *Dóiteáin eitilt.
• Sjotrol: Waterlogged beasts. Emerge from lakes and rivers to drown unwary travelers. Runes etched on stone on either side of the bay will keep them captive. Fae and mortal alike must beware when the mist obstructs the runes.
• Skinwalkers: Mortals who steal the skin of animals, mortals, and Fae in order to take the borrowed skin’s power or otherwise hide under another identity. The Cursed were the first to borrow this practice through the help of a traitorous Fae. See the *Cursed. Stitching behind the ears identifies a Skinwalker. Sometimes mistaken for a Sasquatch. See also *Cuimilt.
• Sovereign Queen: She is the rightful ruler of the Sidhe, of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts (though their loyalties differ). Her birthright and royal blood give her the power to reign over the Keepers of the Four Treasures. She sometimes acts as a Keeper as well. See *Keeper. (See also *Four Treasures in Faery Glossary).
• Spriggan: A species of enormous Fae frogs from the Unseelie Court. Can expand five times its size by merely sucking in more air. Intelligent with slight speech impediments caused by their incredibly long tongues.
• Sprite: A dot of light. Sometimes mistaken for fireflies…incredibly strong ones.
• Tatty Bogle: A golem who takes the form of a scarecrow that moves. Usually controlled by a wizard or a witch. See *Golem.
• The Three: Dub, Mell and Dubros of the Fomorian race. Cruel soldiers sent after the royal Unseelie family when their mother betrayed the Seelie Courts. See *Fomorian.
• Tisiphone: Spider lady who takes her vengeance on any doers of crimes or against those otherwise related to said crimes (be they family of criminal, victim or no).
• Trolls: Terrible Fae beasts who guard portals and bridges from the mortal world that lead to the Sidhe. Cursed descendants of the Fomorian race. Jaws unhinge to show razor sharp teeth. Snack on human flesh. Easily identified by glowing blue eyes.
• The Twelve: Also known as the High Court. Judges and nobles working directly under the Fomorians. Their job consists of exacting justice against those who defy the seven rules of the faery kingdom, be they mortal or immortal. Their numbers include nobles from the races of: *Spriggan, *Ogre, *Dones d’aigua, *Wolf, *Leprechaun, *Urisk, *Nymph, *Sprite, *Vilas, *Brag, * Cuimilt, *Vilas. Led by Elatha the *Fomorian.

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