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• Names: Faeries may be summoned by the use of their name, the exact syllables and pronunciation of which acts like a spell. Faeries guard their names from misuse. If the invoker is prepared, they may then banish, hurt, control, trap, or bind said faery. However, calling a faery can be a dangerous practice, for the faery may take its revenge on the invoker for calling its name in vain, especially when more powerful than the user. Names are also significant to a Fae’s *Memories.
• Nymph kisses: A tube of magical lotion rubbed into the skin of a faery and its captive creates a connection between them, which causes a glowing, hot sensation in the skin. It alerts the faery when the captive wanders too far by stinging the infected skin and turning it cold and white.
• Nymph sneezes: When blown into the face, it makes the mind susceptible to suggestion.
• The Otherworld: Known as the mortal world inhabited by humans. See *Otherworldly (in List of Creatures).
• Portals: A dimension between the mortal world and the Sidhe, for the purpose of traveling between the two worlds. Example of portals include; *Beanstalks, *tree knots, *Faery Rings, *Rainbows, and certain forms of *Sleep. Portals are usually guarded by *Trolls in the mortal world and *Keepers in the Sidhe (see List of Creatures).
• Power of the Cuimilt: A *Core Power held by certain species of nobility that is used to peel the skin off animals, mortals, and Fae with a mere touch of the hand. See *Cuimilt, *Skinwalkers (in List of Creatures).
• Powers: The Fae possess three powers that make up their being. See *Core Power, *Fringe Power, *Vital Power. Also see *Magic Deprivation.
• Pricked by a spindle: Blood triggers the activation of certain spells. If an item is cursed, then blood will set off a specific order of events. See *Curse, *Spindle. See also *Blood (in Faery Hunter Guide).
• Prince Charming: A prince holds the *Core Power to seal his wife’s power as *Sovereign over the Sidhe and as a *Keeper (see List of Creatures) of one or all *Four Treasures by means of a *Marriage Spell. He is consort to a *Princess, possibly her *Leannan Sidhe (though not necessarily). He need only be a royal from the correct *Bloodline. There exist documented cases of princes being harvested for powers and bloodlines.
• Princess: Consort to a prince. If succession falls to her, within each princess lies the royal *Bloodlines to become a *Sovereign to the Sidhe and a *Keeper (List of Creatures) of one or all *Four Treasures. Also see *Matriarchal Rule.
• Promise: A promise to a Fae is the third law of the Sidhe that mortals must never break. See *Geis.
• Prophecies: Fate and Destiny are natural occurrences in the Sidhe. See *Faerytales.
• Rainbows: Leprechauns use them as a means of travel through one dimension to another. See also *Leprechauns (List of Creatures).
• Reflections: Mirrors are enchanted. Mortals do not have reflections in the Sidhe, and Fae do not have reflections in the mortal world. Exceptions are *Changelings (List of Creatures), whose bodies have adjusted to the human world, and *Half-Mortals (List of Creatures) who have realized their destinies and embraced their powers in the Sidhe. See *Mirror of Reason. Specific faeries have the ability to fake their images in mirrors or are exempt. See *Shapeshifters and *Doppelgangers (List of Creatures), who carry mortal material in their membrane. Though chances are, if a faery’s reflection is in a mirror in the mortal world, it means it is coming through.
• Riastrad: A transformation of the body to a beast when in the throes of great anger. See *Buggar (List of Creatures).
• Sacred Territory: Never trespass the sacred territory of the Faeries, it will place the mortal in the fae’s power, often referred to as the *Sidhe.
• Saffron: A favorite among certain species of Faery. See *Faery Food.
• Seasonal Control: Certain *Sovereigns and *Keepers also have *Core powers over seasons and weather. It is used to fight enemies and symbolizes conquered territory (snow, heat, etc). Can be controlled (unless in times of a *Curse).
• Seelie: One of the two royal courts in the *Sidhe. Usually described as the ‘good’ court.
• Sensitivity: A *Core Power used for visions, foretelling, and sensing another’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, and essence.
• Sidhe: The realm faeries inhabit in an alternate dimension from the mortal world.
• Sixteenth birthday: In faerytales and prophecies, it is a very significant birthday for princesses and girls in rags. See *16.
• Shapeshifting: The means of transforming from one shape to another by using a *Core Power inherited from the proper *bloodlines. See *Buggar, *Doppelganger, *Fylgia, *Brag (List of Creatures).
• Shoes: An iconic symbol in faerytales, most often in the form of slippers. Worn by a sovereign. Also used to find true love through a spell.
• Sleep: Depending on the form of sleep, it might serve as a means to an alternate dimension between one world to another, a time to see visions and foretell the future, or to strengthen one’s *Powers.
• Snáth den saol: Yarn of life. Song lines, energy lines, dragon lines all carry the energy through the body. This is a humans’ mortal coil and/ or the essence of a Faery. See *Core, *Fringe, *Vital powers. The *Norn (List of creatures) gather it on a *Spinning Wheel, *Spindle or by the clever workings of their hands. It is light or dark (with colors ranging in between) depending on the evil or good intents of the captured essence.
• Sovereign: She is the rightful ruler of the Sidhe of both the *Seelie and *Unseelie Courts (though their manner of service to the queen differs). Her birthright and *Bloodlines give the sovereign the power to reign over the *Keepers (List of Creatures) and act as a keeper over the *Four Treasures.
• Spear of Lugh: “Wand that Bleeds Fire and Ice. No Harm Sustains; nor Enemy Arise.” One of the *Four Treasures. Protected by a *Keeper in the city of *Gorias in the east, ruled over by a *Sovereign. Stolen by the *Otherworldly (List of Creatures). Known as a wand. See also *Wand Manipulation.
• Spells: Used as a weapon, to fulfill a prophecy, to bless or to curse. Fueled by *Fringe Power, perfected by study and practice. Usually has to rhyme.
• Spell of forgetfulness: Powerful, complicated spell crafted through *Fringe Power, using the victim’s personal belongings and intimate memories. Erases the victim’s existence in the minds of those who knew him or her. Easily messed up from lack of experience.
• Spindle: “Spindel, Spindel, geh' du aus, bring den Freier in mein Haus.” The *Norn (List of Creatures) are the original owners of the spindle. It gathers the *Snáth den saol.
• Spinning Wheel: A spinning wheel is a way to gather the *Snáth den saol quicker and works more efficiently than a spindle. Spindles can be attached to a spinning wheel as a separate piece. After stealing the spindle, the *Otherworldly (List of Creatures) designed a spinning wheel of epic proportions. *Iron imbedded in the device acts as a magical magnet to draw out the *Power from the victim without transforming the *snath into thread. Then *Crystals fitted into the wheel act as an insulator to capture the faery’s essence into a gaseous, liquid form, and blocks the iron from consuming its power. The magic caught in the crystals can then be ingested. After many horrific experiments, the Otherworldly perfected the spinning wheel to suck any faery dry of its power.
• Star: Another name for Faeries, also where faery souls are believed to ascend after death.
• Stone of Fal: “Stone of Visions, cries out in Dream. Future of Legions, restores our Queen.” One of the *Four Treasures. Protected by a *Keeper in the city of *Falias in the north, ruled over by a *Sovereign. The treasure is a multicolored stone, but reflects like a mirror and cries out under the true sovereign. If not under the true sovereign, it kills anyone with the temerity to look into its mirror. The stone, though heavy, can be relocated by its Keeper (through means of magic).
• Sugar: A favorite among faeries. See *Faery food.
• Sunrise: The beginning of certain spells. Symbolism of Rebirth. Many Fae babies are born at sunrise.
• Sunset: The end of certain spells. Symbolism of death. Many Fae die at sunset.
• Sword of Nuadha: “Nuada: Sword of Glass and Light. Destroys Illusion; n’er soul can Fight.” One of the *Four Treasures. Protected by a *Keeper in the city of *Findias in the south, ruled over by a *Sovereign. When wielded by a Keeper, no Fae can stand against it.
• Talisman: See *Enchanted Jewelry, *Medallion.
• Tears: Tears carry the Fae’s *Core power, and when mingled with love, it may work as a healing spell. See also *Healing, *Love, *Hair.
• Thank you: Words are powerful to the Fae and used in spells and incantations. Thank-you signals the fulfillment of a deal or bargain, and can actually be painful in the ears of most Fae species.
• Thorns: A formidable barrier used by faeries to capture their enemies.
• Treasure: Fae may be controlled by treasure—either through curses or natural greed. Some species of Dragon, and the race of Leprechauns, are especially susceptible. Because of this, treasure is considered unlucky among the Fae, especially treasure carrying runes with charms against magic. See *Four Treasures. Also see *Leprechauns and *Dragons (List of Creatures).
• Tree knots: Certain charmed individuals can look through these peepholes from the mortal world to see to the other dimension that is the *Sidhe. Little men, known as gnomes, guard the holes and are known to be quite grumpy. If one is small enough, one can use it as a portal to the Sidhe. See *Portals. See also *Gnomes (List of Creatures).
• Tributes: At the war’s end, a conquering race in the Sidhe, may require the defeated race to pay a tribute. Depending on the fierceness of the conquerors, it may range from food tributes to firstborn tributes. *See Fomorian (List of Creatures).
• Twilight: When the barriers between the mortal world and the Sidhe are the thinnest, portals are easiest to trespass at this time. Faery attacks are also more prevalent.
• Unseelie: One of the two royal courts in the *Sidhe. Usually described as the ‘bad’ court.
• Vital Power: One of the three powers that the Fae possess. Like food, water, and air to humans; vital powers keep the Fae nourished and alive. See *Powers.
• Wand Manipulation: A worker of a wand must use a series of technical patterns and motions in order to properly operate the tool. Skills can only be attained through proper training. Beginners can work simple spells by crudely pointing the wand at the subject and chanting a *Spell. See also *Spear of Lugh.
• Wishes: Wishes are dangerous and work similarly to *Spells. Wishes must never be vague, the wording simple and precise so it cannot be misconstrued. Wishes cannot interfere with natural or unnatural laws. They cannot be used to undo *Spells, *Curses, or *Prophecies, but may be used to fulfill them (if worded cleverly).

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