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Murias is the city in the Sidhe that is on the coast to the east, which governs the Cup of Dagda, and the element of water. For the Fae, water has important healing elements, for us it has properties we can use to run from and/ or trap Fae. Because of water's pure nature, it can act as a barrier against the powers of the Fae. Not all water is effective, but we have found some methods that have worked for us.

Running Water
It works as a magical conductor—especially in the form of running streams, rivers, moats, etc.
Bridges: This is misleading: Most bridges in Faerytales have nothing to do with water. They symbolize portals from our world to theirs that are guarded by horrible flesh-eating trolls. Most Fae don’t get along with Trolls, a subspecies of Fomorian (a close relation to Fae with a common ancestor), therefore, a portal where a Troll happens to be hiding out could possibly be great for using against the Fae, but what Faery Hunter is up to facing a Troll to find out?
Crossing bridges: If you’re trying to escape a Faery, it’s only smart to run across a bridge if it’s built over running water; otherwise you’re wasting your time.
Crossing streams: Works similarly to the scenario above, only this time you get wet.

Bodies of Water with no Outlet
Sidhe explorations by our most daring Faery Hunters have shown us that the city of Murias is covered in canals that never interconnect, except in certain areas where Faeries meet to discuss politics without the benefit of their Faery powers, so when tempers fly, curses don’t.
Circle of Water: In cases like moats, if there is no outlet, the Faery is stuck inside or outside of the circle of the water that runs an eternal loop; it is doubly successful than just a still circular pond or a stream running on its own.
Circular ponds: Mermaids can be caught in these. They can’t leave. Spas for them are a no no. I haven’t tried other Faery types to see if it works on them too.

C.O.T.T.A.G.E. Inc. Prototypes:
We have constructed booby traps of running water to circle valuables that we do not want to fall into the hands of the Fae.

Still in the works:

Holy Water: Vampires are especially susceptible to holy water; though the subspecies is an aberration of cursed Fae and mortal hybrids, more studies are presently being conducted to see if other species of Fae are vulnerable to Holy Water too.

This brings us to our third strategy against the Fae:


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