Stephanie Fowers
'Twisted Tales'

YA Fantasy Trilogy


"Big Bad Wolves? Girls getting stuck in towers? Gold spinning Faeries stealing firstborns? What if I told you Faerytales were real, they just haven't happened yet?"

"With a Kiss"
"At Midnight"
    "As the Sun Sets"

"You're next in the books..."

Anthousai: A race of faery that takes up flower form to brave out the winter. They are notorious tattletales and cause untold distress to their victims.
Bean Tigh: Faery in the form of an elderly, adult-sized woman. Her cheeks are dimpled and rosy. She is the female version of Santa Clause. She closes drafty windows with capable fingers. See *Silkies.
• Banshees: Handmaidens to the Queen Ratis. Failed to save their queen from the *Otherworldly and consequently banished to the mortal world. Cursed to roam there as living corpses; they wail and cry, move like spiders and talk in riddles. Only their intended victims hear them.
• Barguest: A big, black dog the size of a pony. It guards great treasure and brings fair maidens to safety.
• Beast: See *Hound of Ulster.
• Bodoach: Ancient faery man from the Unseelie Court, steals children. Though it limps, moves at the speed of a horse. Shimmering red eyes.
• Bogie: General term for a faerie in the Unseelie Court. See *Goblin
• Brags: Faery from the Unseelie Court. Takes the form of what the victim most fears.
• Brownies: Informants planted in the home of mortals. Size of a rodent, lives in the walls, possesses big eyes that give them the appearance of innocence. Cute as a bug, annoying like ants.
• Buggar: A race of shapeshifting faeries in the Unseelie Court. When in true form, these Fae’s eyes hold the essence of every shape they’ve ever taken. Also known as a *Shapeshifter
• Bugul: An advisor to the courts, a species of Leprechaun. Googly cross-eyes, big bulbuous nose, mottled skin, dwarf-like in stature. Despite the rags and their ghastly appearance, this race is cultured and highly intelligent.
• Buttery sprites: A bogie from the Unseelie Court. Small leathery body, laughs loudly, and inhabits basements owned by crooked business owners in the mortal world.
• Bwbach: Goblin from the Unseelie Court. Clammy hands, small slimy body. Waves its skinny arms whilst running away from horseshoes. Plays tricks. Otherwise known as the Grinner.
• Cailleach: Keeper of the Stone of Fal, sovereign of the city Falias. Affiliated with, and the ruler of, the Unseelie Court. Staged a revolution against Queen Onagh and brought winter to the Sidhe.
• Cat Sidhe: Faery cat that changes shapes. Once belonged to the Norn before stolen by the Otherworldly, who then added insult to injury by also confiscating their spindle.
• Changeling: Faery switched at birth with a mortal. Fae infants undergo a changing so as to survive the Otherworld. Often sickly as babies. Some die. 23% mortality rate.
• Cucui: Oversized drooling monsters. Delight in and gain power through the fear of their victims, stomps loudly through the house to scare the inhabitants. Travels through the walls, its huge form creates hulking bubbles in the ceiling.
• Cuimilt: Faery noble from the Seelie Court. Known for its distrust of mortals. Has the ability to skin Fae and mortals alive with a touch of its sticky fingers. They then wear the skin of their victims. See also *Skinwalker.
• Cursed: Mortals who have been cursed by the Fae so as to give them disabilities or special powers. Also known as The Cursed.
• Cyclops: A giant from the Unseelie Courts, possesses only one eye that shoots flames at its victims. It may or may not have possessed an eye at an earlier time.
• Dóiteáin eitilt: Firefly-sized faeries who sing lullabies to children to lull them to sleep. See *Silkies.
• Domvoi: Creature from the Unseelie Court that burns down houses. Only salt gets rid of them because they’re a tad OCD.
• Dones d’aigua: Winged Fae guards from the East in the city of Gorias. Part bird/ part women, sent to guard Ratis in the tower after she betrayed her people.
• Doppleganger: A faery creature who takes on the face and build of their victims in order to scare, take advantage of, or otherwise steal their worldly assets. Commonly experience an identity crisis. See also *Fylgia and *Wraith.
• Dormette: Miniature French maid faery wearing a blue dress. Gives children pleasant dreams. See *Silkies.
• Dragons: Pets used to guard the Twelve in the High Council. They are the size of large dogs with jewel-toned scales and delicate faery wings. Kept under submission with the use of jewel encrusted chains and gold claps. Fascinated with treasure, in a debilitating way.
• Dryads: Faery prisoners sentenced to live out the remainder of their lives in trees. Guilty of serious crimes.
Dunedes: Bogies from the Unseelie Courts. Live in the walls and make bumps in the night.

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'List of Creatures'

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