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• Unicorns: Horses with one horn protruding from the forehead. This horn holds great power. Too pure to exist in the Sidhe. Usually come in white.
• Unseelie Court: A Fae belonging to one of the two royal courts in the *Sidhe (see Faery Glossary). The uninformed generally describe the Unseelie Court as the ‘bad’ court.
• Urisk: Half goat, half Fae male. Patches of hair spread over its wrinkled emaciated body. Oversized head, covered in goose feathers. Usually travels through the soil in farmland, though have adjusted to modern cities and now travel through cement and wooden floors. Urisks also serve as personal guardians.
• Vampire: Well-dressed, cursed race of the Fae, descended from hags, cursed to be a part of the *Ialtóg family. After draining a Seelie noble of all its powers in a land war, vampires were cursed to live off mortal blood—the iron of which would keep them grounded to the mortal world and banished from the Sidhe, never to return.
• Vines: Servants to the owner of the beanstalk. Attentive hosts to unexpected guests.
• Vilas: Guardian Fae over bodies of water and forests. Tall, overly masculine and/ or overly feminine according to gender. Vivid eyes. If victim spies them dancing, he or she will get caught in the Vilas’ arms and be forced to dance to death.
• Wraith: A Fae who takes on the form of someone who has died, uses this form to gain trust, trick, and otherwise take advantage of their victim. See *Doppelganger.
• Wagle: Wrinkled male Fae with crooked legs. Lives in the fireplace. Bandage wrapped around chin to keep back the toothache.
• Wichtln: Fae males involved in numerous pranks throughout the house. Mortals generally never catch sight of them, but they resemble gnomes in form, stature, and clothing styles. Placating the creatures will irritate them and force them to move away.
• Witch: A female mortal who steals faery magic. Can also be used as a derogatory term for a female Fae who steals magic. Ancient witches were known as priestesses (when mortal) or *Hags (when Fae). See also *Wizard and *Scientist.
• Wizards: Male mortal who steals faery magic. Ancient wizards were known as druids. See also *Witch and *Scientist.
• Wolves: Minions, flunkies, etc. for Queen Onagh of the Unseelie Court. Their work is never appreciated; they hang around Faery portals looking for fast food. Specific wolves of note are Octavius, the leader of the wolves (burnt and charred down one side of his body). Caesar, his loyal gray fluffy follower (with a penchant for gambling), and Augustus, a glasses-wearing poet (of considerable talent).

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